Open4Energy is 100% not-for-profit

We won’t aim to make a penny from your energy supply so that we can provide you with maximum savings and provide the biggest donation to your charity as possible.

We promise to keep our operating costs to a minimum

Our operating costs will be transparent and will be just enough to cover our needs. We will remunerate our staff in line with third sector standards. Should we have any money left over, after covering our costs, we’ll always use it to reduce our operating costs even further or improve the services we offer. We will publish the Brand Match report each month showing all the cost of energy supply.

We're providing savings to customers and donations to charities

We're making it easier to reduce your energy bills and finding new ways to make giving as fun and efficient as possible.

We’ll always ask what you think

We welcome your feedback about Open4Energy and will strive to improve our service in line with your needs.

We take security very seriously

We want you to have complete confidence in being supplied with gas and electricity from Open4Energy. We have robust energy purchasing policies and a secure website.

We are a UK independent company

We’re an independent UK limited company, we have our own independent board of directors, management, auditing and reporting. © 2011 | Privacy Policy