Not-for-profit;- how refreshing


Open4Energy is 100% not-for-profit; - We won’t aim to make a penny from your energy supply so that we can provide you with the biggest saving to you and biggest donation to your charity as possible.


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Donate to your choice of charity


The purpose of Open4Energy is to raise money for charity from savings in energy supply. When you join Open4Energy you decide how to share the savings and which charity to support. Your charity will receive your donation year-on-year, you can change your donation amount and designated charity at any time. We ask that you donate a minimum few pence per day of the savings to a UK charity.


Choose how to share the savings with your charity here.



Energy Tracker – Never switch again


Our product tracks the cheapest tariffs of the Big 6 for direct debit supply and so you benefit from the tracking of enegy prices all the time you remain with Open4Energy.


We publish our Open Report each month to show what the prices of the Big 6 are. If there are any prices of the Big 6 we are unable to match we will let you know. © 2011 | Privacy Policy