A not-for-profit social enterprise


Open4Energy is a social enterprise set up to raise money for charity.




See our not-for-profit charter here. We take the profit from energy supply and give it to you to share with your chosen UK charity.


Open4Energy Limited is supported by a very experienced industry team


Our goal is to raise funds for charities by turning energy profits into charitable donations.






As a donor itself for each customer that signs up to our Open4Energy product, Open4Energy will also contribute from operating costs to the Young Peoples Trust for the Environment a UK charity (Charity No 284885) that educates young people about energy and sustainability. You can find out about the Young Peoples Trust for the Environment here.







We are fully licensed, by Ofgem the energy regulator, as an energy supplier in Great Britain.



The Government is seeking more new energy suppliers in the UK market.


There is plenty of room in the market for new offers.

Ofgem discovered that 40% of switchers move to a higher tariff and so achieve no savings.

A recent MORI poll suggested that 57% of consumers agree that switching suppliers is not worth the hassle or that lower prices are only short lived.


Our offer meets all of these challenges.


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