Energy for Good


Entrusting your energy account to us enables you to generate donations for your good causes.


Energy for Good also comes from the Brand Match as every day of every month of every year we are adjusting the price to match the cheapest of the Big 6 energy suppliers in your area. So you do not need to switch suppliers, we will continue to use our collective purchasing power of all the Open4Energy customers to procure wholesale energy at the best rates possible. That's also energy for good.



Why switching is no panacea


Some companies might tempt you with short term offers that then are revised upwards soon after you switch. You may have switched supplier once or twice before, if you have you will have been offered some sort of saving. That saving calculation was not the full story; Ofgem in its latest energy probe has admitted that over 40% of switchers move to a more expensive deal -how can that be? We want to explain that to you as it underlines the benefit of our Open Refund.


Have a look at what Ofgem found out, Ofgem Switching Dilemma


Have a look at an example of a three year price cycle in our switching dilemma chart.


In the example (and often in reality) there was no difference in prices between the Current supplier and New supplier over the period.



Open4Energy – Innovation


Open4Energy is different, we supply our energy so you get the Brand Match promise and your charity gets a share in the savings and because our costs are lower than the Big 6 we can provide highly competitive prices. Here are the reasons we are good value over time;

• We are a not-for-profit company

  • • We are an agile company with low overheads

• Our customers never switch again and so we save on sales and switching costs © 2011 | Privacy Policy